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  1. Simon Sheffield

    Absolutely outrageous interview, I was keen to hear what Crispin was about to say about the possibility of the UK trading with the EU on WTO rules. Unfortunately Evan had other ideas.

  2. Nigel Greaves

    The worst one I’ve seen, Crispin was barely given a chance to answer.
    Time someone walked out of one of these.

  3. RT Mulchrone

    I agree. No fan of Brexit but Davies was just rude and obstructive. A disservice to viewers. Why bother having guests on at all?

  4. Susannah Rayner

    It was an embarrassingly unprofessional performance from Evan Davis. I would have liked to have heard what Crispin Blunt had to say, not Evan Davis talking across him for no purpose other than to shut the man up, particularly when Blunt tried to say anything vaguely positive about the economic future. I wonder why?

  5. Antonia Willis

    I could hardly believe what I was watching. Evan Davis failed to conduct an interview: instead, he obstructed Crispin Blunt’s attempts to reply to the questions put to him. I don’t know when I’ve ever seen such an egregious display of bias on the BBC. Shameful.

  6. beth kelly

    Interview with Crispin last night was shocking. I was screaming at the screen for Davis to stop talking, talking, talking! Sack him!

  7. Valerie Ward

    Crispin Blunt had some very interesting things to say but was constantly interrupted by Evan Davies. It was an appalling interview. Evan and the BBC should apologise and give Crispin some air time to tell us his views. Why is everyone so focused on our deal with the EU, it is international trade we need to focus on? The BBC should be talking about this.

  8. Margaret Tregear

    I absolutely agree with the comments above. This was shoddy journalism and a disservice to viewers.

  9. Karl Smith

    Appalling behaviour from Evan Davis- he has been taking lessons from Eddie Izzard it would seem. We watch Newsnight to be informed, and I wanted to hear what Crispin Blunt had to say about the WTO rules. Irrespective of a pro- leave or remain stance, this was of interest to listeners. Instead of this being explored, we had an utterly juvenile display from Evan Davis. He clearly is not up to the job, and has lost credibility.

  10. Liz

    I thought Evan Davis was rude and obviously a remain supporter and a bad looser .How was Crispin supposed to know what Boris was thinking l was really interested in what Crispin was sayings only to be interrupted by that idiot .Crispin was not allowed to speak how is that an interview Davis should be sacked he is not fit to do that job .Crispin deserves an apology and could we please hear what he had to say with a professional interviewer.

  11. Kate Stuart

    The interview with Evan Davis and Crispin Blunt was beyond shocking – the media should not allow their personal views to be aired. The UK voted out of Europe and whether you agree or not its happened. I would have loved to hear what Crispin Blunt had to say but we were not given that opportunity – The BBC need to get their act together and behave responsibly. The BBC’s coverage is awful – very childish. Stop throwing the toys out the pram and grow up – this is a huge event for our country.

  12. Geoff Wiod

    That was a terrible interview by Davis. He most have spoken for most of it. Purposeless and rude interruptions on what was mainly an attempt to explain some facts. Such lack of control indicates such bias and ego that he should perhaps be kept to other less emotive subjects

  13. Kate

    Evan Davis is a very rude man – and I thought no one was ruder than Paxman! We have come to expect that the BBC will report as it sees fit; clearly with its own agenda and subliminal undertone, but given the state of the country at the moment, an interviewer on a popular show, displaying such utter contempt for the democratic decision of the referendum, will serve no useful purpose and will divide and rule further….. In fact, the media should be held partly responsible for the panic we have seen post referendum and for their continued efforts to fire up and fuel people’s fears, whilst compounding illogical thinking and short-sightedness. I think it is time for a re think on who is best to host this show. While the host should be able to conduct an interview professionally and be ernest and probing they should also have the basic manners necessary for debating and display some characteristics with regards to respect. Be firm but polite…. not self obsessed and rude.
    No one wants to watch a biased interview where the interviewer is trying to score his own “egotistical” points in an attempt to get himself noticed….to the detriment of his guest.
    I think Mr Davis needs to examine his motives and come back to the chair with a different attitude towards “The Interview” process.

  14. Jon Davies

    I have never seen a worse interviewer on Newsnight than this performance from Evan Davis while stopping Crispin Blunt from speaking more than 10 words. Davis seemed more like a heckler than a professional journalist. I learnt nothing from the interview despite Blunt clearly having some knowledge on the potential approaches to trade negotiation. Shame on you Davis.

  15. Elizabeth Nix


    Most bbc presenters are reapedly saying that some leavers are wishing they had backed remain l and many of my friends voted leave and we have certainly not changed our minds stop spreading fear and get on with making Britain great again The sooner Osbourne goes the better he cannot stop trying to say I told you so .Andrea Leadson is the best person to take this country forward she has read the people correctly .

  16. Barrie forte

    Totally agree with the above,after complaining to the BBC that night .and my MP Anne Marie Morris(who personally replied to me at 00.30 )what concerns me is the BBC response to my complaints totally ignoring the total Bias of Evan! their reply on their website was Bias, they don’t need guests Evan Davis can ask the questions and answer them!Was that a interview?

    1. Kate

      I too complained to the BBC and received a totally unsatisfactory reply – along the lines of “we take this on board, but really do not give a toss”. Many will think complaining a waste of time but I do not and take comfort in the fact that, for every complaint they receive, someone at the BBC has to stop drinking their tea and take the time to answer. Inconvenient for them, if nothing else.

  17. Liz

    I too was not satisfied with the reply from the BBC The leave voters are ordinary people wanting to take back control of our country We want the government to concentrate on Great Britain and stop bowing down to Europe There are too many countries involved now for it to succeed We are not ignorant or racist The immigrants already in the country are welcome to stay We are not the sort of people who would pass messages onto children telling them they are not welcome in this country or attack migrants or there property.We want control of our borders of who comes into this country,no one should be allowed into this country to claim benefits we have enough unfortunate people of our own who need our help.The vote leave campaigners want to leave Europe.Stop freedom of movement .Our own laws to deport people and human rights which needs amending in favour of our own people .We want to consentrate on international trading. If Nichola Sturgen wants independence let her have it as long as she is not depending on money coming from Great Britain I don’t think that will go down very well. I am huge fan of Jeremy Vine but his show has been really bias shame on you Jeremy.The government seem to be accepting the vote now so hopefully we can now move forward.

  18. Jean

    100% agreement , the bias Evan Davies is showing during his interviews is blatantly obviously. His demeaner is aggressive and downright unprofessional. Ths shouting over anyone who starts to say anything positive about the outcome of Brexit is the worst bit of journalistic reporting i have seen in years. Whereby his absolute delight and gleeful look on his face is downright juvenille when a guest comes on sprouting the usual doom and gloom discussion which is all built on speculation and not fact.
    This man needs to go. Viewers want to hear what the guests have to say thats the whole point of having them on the show. His raised voice and aggressive gesticulating is sickening.

  19. Thomas William

    I never make offical complaints but Evan has made it so frustrating that i had to. The BBC are breaking their own obligations by allowing this to continue. He does it everytime he presents and it goes on and on. I just cant believe his biased, bullying and unfair tactics have carried on. The first time i saw it i thought it would have been dealt with but shocked it hasn’t, so i felt the need to complain. Ill be interested to hear what they have to say.

    1. Kate

      If it is anything like the reply I received from the BBC, it will be the usual acknowledgment of the complaint, their thanks for your trouble and then….naff all!

  20. Mel bates

    What an utter disgrace, this is not an interviewer. He is a bully, who is that egotistical and self absorbed he is not interested in any answers, because apparently he knows them already. BBC you ought to be ashamed and remember that it is the public paying your wages. A democratic vote has taken place, now stop stamping your feet and show your viewers some respect. I am sick of your biased coverage.

  21. Chris Harris

    I suggest everyone boycotts Newsnight especially with Evan Davis as presenter. He’s obviously been carefully chosen by the BBC to put forward ‘their official line’ in a highly arrogant manner. Why anyone would wish to appear on such a ‘one sided’ programme is beyond me.

  22. Lizzy

    Wow! now we have a Prime Minister I think we should give her a year to prove that Brexit means Brexit also to implement all her other promises for the stability of the country. I hope she intends to take on Philip Green and his wife that despicable couple who have taken pensions from hard working employees at BHS, they are so greedy. All the bankers who have failed in their positions, and are coming out of the bank with millions How is that good for the economy. We all thought Bonnie and Clyde were bad people. The huge companies avoiding paying tax Amazon and Google etc.

    I have for the last 7 years voted Conservative never again! We have been fortunate worked all our lives and never claimed a penny from the government I thought when the economy was struggling we needed austerity, no one claiming disability unless they needed to or claiming benefits they were not entitled to. I soon realized the elite group of people that is friends of the Conservative Party, Bankers and businessmen getting way with off shore accounts and dodgy dealings it was all one sided. We did get them for expenses however.

    The behaviour by the Remain campaigners reporters, interviewers and MPs on the BBC News was disgusting.Also the reporters and MPs comments on Andrea Leadsom who with the right people supporting her in government would have made a good Prime Minister. She has obviously put her family first, the right decision Andrea.

    I hope the Conservative Party are under no illusion we all know the right person to unite this country and who should be stepping into Number 10 is the leader of the United Kingdom’s Independence Party( UKIP) . Why does Nigel Farage get so much bad press he is the only person speaking the truth. The one who does care about this country.

    Labour with Jeremy Corbyn as their leader do not stand a chance in an election. This man would not even sing the national anthem of this country, backed by unions Corbyn’s language was on the lines of a communist. He has changed however, and is now all for the people. Do not be fooled this man is dangerous.

  23. Liz

    Theresa May means buisness very impressive .Great to see Boris in an important position he is no joker l hope he makes a really good job of foreign secretary .l think now Theresa May will do her best to bring this country together. Labour mps not very happy Jeremy Corbyn has ruined that party they will never get back from this .Two candidates now that will suerly make it easier for Jeremy .All the bias seems to be gone .Roll on Great Britain.

  24. john

    please sack evan davis in the hope the bbc may be able to recover from the justifiable claim it is biased re Brexit … if i hear evan davis force his own remain opinion on one more interviewee i think i will scream, he is clearly not up to the standard required for independent thought provoking journalism

  25. Ian

    I’ve never commented in writing on a tv programme in the last 50 years but I now have to switch off Evan D on Newsnight (who I loved on Dragons Den). I can’t bear his questions which go on and on essentially make a whole case of his own with ridiculous examples. Then he won’t let the interviewee reply. Pointless and irritating. It feels like he wants the uk economy to fail.

  26. Ian Nickless

    Just watched Evan Davis interview Macron’s campaign coordinator on newsnight. How friendly and smiley towards the fellow he was whilst failing to actually ask any searching questions…. Next up, interview of LePenn’s campaign coordinator. What a difference here. Evan asking question after searching question without actually giving the poor chap a chance to give a full answer without being shouted over. It was a continual barrage of obvious distaste from Davis towards this fellow and his leader of their party.
    Yet again the bias of both Davis and the BBC was evident once again and it was disgraceful and unedifying.

  27. Marc Jones

    BBC Newsnight is ridiculously biased regarding Brexit. Clearly the entire organisation has deep seated issues that prevent them from engaging in constructive discussions about the best way forward for the nation. Actually they seem to be doing their best to destroy the country’s future outside the EU – This decision was voted for by the majority of the British people. Evan Davies is a disgrace, a bully when interviewing anyone he disagrees with over Brexit, he patronises evyone and tries o humiliate them on air. I was an avid newsnight fan but do not watch anymore because of the ‘cringe worthy’, terribly biased and incredibly patronising journalism by all of shockingly unprofessional presenters on this show. What a joke…

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