The Newsnight presenter interviewed Christopher Blunt who is supporting the possible candidature of Boris Johnston as leader of Conservative party. The interviewer continually interrupted Mr Blunt and no doubt threw him off his course of dialogue. The interviewer was aggressive and rude and did not allow Mr Blunt to get his point across about blocks on immigration and so on. It is very obvious that certain BBC journalists are still leading a ‘REMAIN ‘ campaign and are trying to discredit those who supported Leave EU and to frighten those voters who may now be regretting their vote by concentrating on the negative economic information. Last night’s episode had done a survey of business leaders to ascertain how likely it was that they would invest in the near future or make staff redundant. At no time were we told what type of businesses had been polled (maybe, just maybe, those same businesses that encouraged their staff to vote Remain?) or how many. It was pure and simple a continuation of scaremongering. This biased programme structure has got to stop. I am 45-65 age group, educated, reasonably well off, speak 3 foreign languages, love Europe but I voted out because the EU institution and their leaders are not fit for purpose any more. Please help stop this bias.

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  1. Chris Eades

    I was disgusted by the manner in which the presenter repeatedly interrupted Chrispin Blunt. He was not given the chance to put his point of view across. I am surprised he didn’t get up and walk out .. I would have!

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