Evan Davis declared to David Jones MP, ‘Theresa May’s plan for Brexit’ was one ‘which clearly didn’t grab the population in the election’. “I don’t think it was that,” Jones politely responded, “I think frankly the big issues were other non-Brexit-related issues, most particularly the issue of social care but also one or two other issues too. But I think so far as Brexit is concerned, we are now in the position where 80 per cent of the electorate of this country voted for parties who want to take Britain out of the EU.”  The arrogant, EU biased response: “Sorry, what planet are you on? Davis, obviously cannot retain a professional attitude when interviewing anyone who diasagrees with his Remainer motivation. Witness the rudery he utilised against Nigel Farage in his series of interviews during the 2015 election campaign, which was stunning in its unequivocal presentation of complete contempt.

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