Does the BBC need to be reminded of it’s obligations by the Royal Charter and Agreement that it is ‘required to deliver duly impartial news’ when reporting on any matter, let alone such a sensitive subject as ‘Brexit’. The way the BBC is running it’s coverage of the Referendum smacks of Russian / Italian controlled media. Since the ‘trial’ of Murdoch (with which I whole-heartedly agree) took place there has been a considerable loss to the Independence of national TV and newspapers. The BBC is obviously ‘pampering’ to the whim of Cameron to make sure it receives its next pay cheque. Mondays (23rd) Newsnight was a perfect example of government control over the coverage of Brexit. A panel of supposed ‘undecideds’ were by all accounts purposely selected to give a positive spin to staying in Europe and give a glowing reference to Cameron? At what point did the trustees of the BBC, those that are obliged to do their job, realise that the panel were not made up of a British contingent? I have noticed that as more and more viewers voice their dissatisfaction of the coverage given, the BBC has made a rather pathetic attempt to put a neutral stance on its reporting, all be it a half-hearted one liner at the very end of the report. I pay my TV Tax (sorry Licence) and with any other contract expect an unbiased, decent service.

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