This is the final straw for me, have put up with the BBC’s bias towards Remain and the opposition towards
Trump so far but am now sick off it all. Finishing Newsnight with Bercow’s vile speech to the backing of Jerusalem Is about the lowest the BBC has stooped to. Would he have dared to give the same speech if the Saudi King was to have a state visit? NO because the Libtards would have branded him Anti Muslim and racist for doing so. Saudi’s human rights and treatment of women is barbaric to the extreme but no one wants to touch that hot potato. Even the feminists vent their anger on Trump but not against the Muslim countries around the world. Ladies please get your priorities straight Trump has not said Women will be beaten if they are found driving a car or many of the other medieval punishments dished out in Muslim states.
Have stopped watching the evening BBC news for a while as it is either anti-Trump or anti Brexit.
The BBC has an agenda to try and wreck this country with publishing every story it can find, every news item it can dig out to make us feel that Brexit was a bad choice. It now has to continuously provide anti Trump stories to try to ruin our chance to get a trade deal with the US. Obama has been presented as some kind of modern day saint from the same guy who told us to get to the back of the queue!
BBC please realise that you are meant to be professional and report news without any bias. You have turned into The Ministry of Propaganda, it is not 1984 yet, please stop with the minutes of hate. We do not boo at Brexit, Trump or Farage.

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