Pro-EU bias. Newsnight Audience Panel. EU Referendum Specials.
Last night’s final Special contained all the usual Newsnight bias. Greater time given to pro-EU arguments, loaded questions to Leave, constant interruption of Leave speakers, false pro-EU statements conveyed as facts. But, the crowning glory was Newsnight’s public Panel of so-called Undecided voters. BBC subliminal bias at its most crafty.
8 Panel members. Unrepresentative of British society, as evidenced by Census 2011. 4 ethnic minorities, one EU (Irish) citizen, 3 white ladies. No white UK males and no elderly people. Clearly designed to neuter Leave’s strongest suits on immigration and the destruction of British jobs and communities. With recent polls showing 80% don’t believe the PM, the only Panellist comment was to say the PM was trustworthy! The final Panel vote was 7:1 leaning in favour of Remain. And the main Panel message was Leave is unbelievable. Lynton Crosby could not have designed it better as an exercise in pro-EU propaganda. It would be very interesting indeed if the Panel construction and Panel backgrounds could be investigated by non-BBC organisations.

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