Unduly partial and misleading analysis of the Autumn Statement, conveying forecasts favourable to Remain as facts.
Throughout the piece, Evan Davis conveyed OBR analysis as fact, whereas the OBR themselves and R4 Today the following morning both acknowledged it was highly subjective, and suffered from a material lack of information.
A £59bn black hole was conveyed as Brexit-related and partially arising from a devaluation of Sterling. No mention was made of the pre-23 June analysis by Organisations deemed independent and reputable by the BBC, the IMF and Deutsche Bank among many others, that Sterling was already overvalued by up to 15%, even assuming the UK remained in the EU. Nor was any attempt to offer a counter argument for growth as a result of Sterling depreciation. An impartial analysis would have provided viewers with a counter argument that the £59bn black hole would have happened whether or not we voted Leave.
Disgracefully ED chided Leave voters for daring to believe there would not be the kind of economic consequence forecast by the OBR, yet failing to acknowledge this is highly debatable, not fact.
Worse, Davis invited Minister Gauke to apologise for providing voters with misleading information. Something Davis did throughout the programme. Will Evan apologise if the OBR figures prove materially gloomy?
The piece gave far more air time to Remain arguments and indignations, and no attempt was made to afford equal time to Leave experts to give their views and so provide viewers with a duly impartial analysis.
Nor was any attempt made to declare a potential conflict of interest, given the financial arrangements between the EU and BBC. A clear breach of Ch15 of the Editorial Guidelines.
Overall, yet more unduly partial output on EU-related matters from the BBC, in breach of Ch4 of the Editorial Guidelines

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  1. John Coy

    Mr Hunt I endorse your sentiments.
    In my opinion, because of the BBC’S obvious biased Anti-Brexit reporting, there isn’t a single
    BBC News/ Political programme worth watching !

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