Promised to reveal why the payment into the EU budget will continue after Brexit so the promised diversion of funds into the NHS well not be made because the PM as not mentioned it in her recent speaches.
Why did not Redwood accuse the presenter of being a remainer and the BBC trying to fabricate stories that have not happened yet. It seems that all the people who make Newsnight and other political outputs, because that’s what they are, have got together after the Brexit vote and over coffee found out that you are all remainers. So what you are doing is so obvious, you the BBC are trying to undermine democracy. By saying you the BBC, I implicate the Govenors and everyone at the BBC who are compliant in producing this bias, and that includes people who know whats going on and do nothing. All it takes is one whistle blower and you subversives will be found out

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Good post! The BBC is anything but democratic. It is an extreme Marxist organisation who sole purpose is to destroy this country.

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