As a ‘supposedly’ impartial presenter Evan Davis left nobody in any doubt as to is allegiance to the EU. He allowed David Hanson MP to have his say throughout virtually uniterrupted , and yet whenever Kwasi Kwarteng spoke he not only rudely interrupted him but actually argued with him! The BBC, moreso than any other establishment, should, during the run up to the EU Referendum, be showing complete unbiased open discussion on their programs by someone who can show categorically that they are totally impartial.

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  1. Ian Coupar

    Evan Davies on every day one of these Newsnight Referendum debates has been biased towards the Remain team. Not only in the way he couches questions to the audience, but also in that he cuts off the Pro Brexit spokes persons mid sentence. Tonight there was a Norwegian representative who explained that Norway function very well outside the EU and during previous Norwegian referendums there has also been much scaremongering by the pro EU side and before she can Complete her sentence where she was saying the fears had been unsubstantiated he cut her off.

  2. Nick Forbes

    I am in no doubt Evan Davis tows the BBC party line of bias towards remain, but what was worse was the ‘undecided’ stooges placed by the bbc to give judgement on what they saw, and guess what, they all decided bar 1 to remain, what a set up!

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