Are the bosses of the BBC scared of Evan Davis for some reason? Yet again tonight, during what was laughingly called an “interview” with Ed Vaisey and Eric Pickles, the only voice we heard was that of this very rude and frankly obnoxious man. How many politicians have to ask “Will you let me answer?” before someone in authority at the BBC tells this “reporter” to SHUT UP and allow our elected representatives to talk to us. Not only does Evan Davis need to learn some manners, he needs to realise (or be told) that he is merely a pipe, a conduit, for the news. Like everyone else, he is entitled to his opinion of the news he is reporting, but his job is simply to report on that news. WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW HIS OPINION. The BBC became the safe institution it is because it worked hard to garner a reputation for being fair and unbiased. Evan Davis clearly wants to change that. Evan Davis. SHUT UP!!!

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  1. Kate

    I agree with you totally. I complained to the BBC last week about Mr Davis, regarding his interview (if you can call it an interview) with Crispin Blunt. I received a reply from them but it was only their usual “we take your comments on board….” round robin ! Double standards certainly exist within the BBC and if we continue to watch their antics, be swayed by them and start to question our own ability to think and reason then we only fuel their undemocratic fire. We are all intelligent enough to recognise “bias” when we see/hear it.

  2. Jean

    Yet again another week where this person has allowed his extremely biased opinions to run rampant with no disregard to any other opinion than his. The sight of this man shouting down, interrupting and frankly verbally abusing any guest who dare to show the slightest interest in looking at the positive future of Brexit alarming .That this behaviour is allowed to go unchallenged by the bbc bosses is outrageous.
    Viewers have tuned in to this programme to hear what the invited guests have to say not to hear him constantly interrupting and see him gesticulating . The bully type grin on his face when he shouts down intelligent and politically aware guests and the obvious glee he shows when the usual remain economists reel out another dialogue of doom and gloom ( Funny how he lets these people talk uninterrupted ) is sickening.
    . The fact that he thinks as an obvious remainer he is far superior to the millions of people that voted for Brexit makes for uncomfortable watching.
    I shall not be watching this again.

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