This isn’t a programme as such, as it’s online report from Newsbeat but will typically reflect what was also broadcast. It’s a completely one-sided and biased account under the a headline ‘From Marmite to holiday money, how Brexit is already affecting everyday lives’ which gives a wholly false impression, giving the impression that household name products will no longer be available, football teams will suffer, popcorn will be expensive in cinemas, you’ll have to move abroad to work in finance, holidays cost more etc. These claims are often based on speculation and hearsay and are not about things that have already happened – contrary to the headline claims – or are to do with prices by manufacturers which are also part of normal life and yet don’t spark this sort of comment. The highly contentious opinions expressed are reported as fact and are not balanced in any way. Some specifics of the report run directly contrary to current news, so stories have been selectively chosen only where they back up the anti-Brexit case – for example, the claim about moving abroad is contradicted by the news this week that Ing is actually moving more bankers to London, while the evidence for the opposite is based on recruitment activity of other unnamed banks which was planned in any case prior to Brexit – the Ing story is not reported and the overblown claim about what might happen to banking jobs – that there will be so few here that you will have to move abroad to work in banking – is not in way substantiated by this report anyway. It should instead be reporting the known facts – more bankers moving to London. In any case, the claim that if you want to work in banking, you’ll have to move abroad is a ludicrous over-statement.

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