BBC World Service news report on the early results of the EU/Turkey immigration crisis meeting.

This is a typical form of more subtle BBC propaganda. The presenter went out of his way to make the point that the term “irregular immigration” or “irregular immigrant” was a new one to him and to the listeners. Untrue.

Frontex have been using these terms for at least 3 years. Why does this matter?
Because the BBC has deliberately omitted to report on Frontex and its activities in anything more than the most cursory and obscure way imaginable. To admit that the term “irregular immigrant” was familiar would be to beg the observation from the listener “not to me it isn’t” and then the question “if it’s familiar to you and not me, what else haven’t you been telling me about the issue?”.

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  1. Faith hope Charity

    I could not believe that the BBC where going to give Bob Geldoff a interview on the referendum after his two finger disgraceful performance on the Thames! Where does the BBC stand on there values?? This person is supposed to be a Sir!

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