News at Ten

Laura Kuenssberg’s political reports have become so aggressive and unpleasant that my family can hardly bear to watch her. She was so particularly rude and sneering about Theresa May’s justifiable press statement after she returned from Buckingham Palace where she formally informed The Queen of the dissolution of Parliament. Ms Kuennsberg was equally unpleasant on the Radio 4 lunchtime news. Whether a Remainer or a Brexiteer, viewers or listeners must have been horrified by the tone and indiscretion of the EU hierarchy but Laura Kuenssberg made Mrs May out to be a liar and the troublemaker when, in fact, anyone with any financial nous would know that because she took on the job of PM with such statesmanship and confidence, this has been the reason that Mr Osborne’s and Mr Carney’s predictions of doom have not come to pass. World markets have been impressed by her stability. People like Ms Kuennsberg, whose ignorance is palpable, is the type of journalist who cannot report news impartially and metaphorically speaking would prefer to throw a grenade into a room and then run with her irresponsible reporting. She MUST go! She is bad for the BBC and bad for Britain.

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