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Laura Kuenssberg’s political reports have become so aggressive and unpleasant that my family can hardly bear to watch her. She was so particularly rude and sneering about Theresa May’s justifiable press statement after she returned from Buckingham Palace where she formally informed The Queen of the dissolution of Parliament. Ms Kuennsberg was equally unpleasant on the Radio 4 lunchtime news. Whether a Remainer or a Brexiteer, viewers or listeners must have been horrified by the tone and indiscretion of the EU hierarchy but Laura Kuenssberg made Mrs May out to be a liar and the troublemaker when, in fact, anyone with any financial nous would know that because she took on the job of PM with such statesmanship and confidence, this has been the reason that Mr Osborne’s and Mr Carney’s predictions of doom have not come to pass. World markets have been impressed by her stability. People like Ms Kuennsberg, whose ignorance is palpable, is the type of journalist who cannot report news impartially and metaphorically speaking would prefer to throw a grenade into a room and then run with her irresponsible reporting. She MUST go! She is bad for the BBC and bad for Britain.

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  1. S.Godfrey

    I fully endorse the comments regarding Laura Kuenessberg. I now use the mute button as her comments might as well come directly from the remain side of Brexit.

  2. Pam Bleasdale

    Yes I agree and wrote directly to the BBC and did not even receive a acknowledgment When listening to her this week she remains Very biased against our PM Also she was extremely rude to President Trump on his press conference with TMay when she went to the White House

  3. John Slater

    I quite agree. The BBC goes from bad to worse so far as a impartial views on Britex and the P M are concerned..
    For the BBC to cut the P. M . off in mid response to L K’s rude questioning, following her health care announcments on monday, was disgusting and they should be offering her an an apology.
    Until Ms Kuenssberg and the other lefties at the BBC are sacked I shall be getting the news from Sky

  4. Graham Usher

    I am so disgusted with the bias of the BBC, especially by left wing Laura (Kuenssberg) that I have taken to watching Sky news.

  5. sean miller

    Yes, I and my family totally agree too, having become so enraged with the now massively,blatantly biased BBC, that instead of impartial reporting now resort to very rude, personalised statements and shouting at key figures, we now have decided until the BBC is under better impartial control to turn off the television at news time to keep our blood pressure under control.

  6. Ron Friedlos

    I love politics and had until now admired the accurate in depth reporting produced by Laura Kuenssberg. She seems now to have lost her objectivity and impartiality. In short she has lost her way as a real political analyst . I tend to be ready for her bias against those trying to carry out the difficult work involved in Brexit. It’s time I think to ignore her views and reach for the mute button when she starts speaking . Shame! She is such a great loss…..

  7. F Heaton

    We also despise the rude, sneering, arrogant tone of Laura Kuenessberg (known as leftie Laura in our family). It is expected that politicians will be asked – and expected to answer – tough questions from reporters, but Kuenessberg and her ilk, take it too far. They never see positives in anything!

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