News at Six

One sided reporting – again. On the 6 o’clock news a piece about how researchers are losing grants and small businesses who say they will have to scale down operations and lay off staff once the EU research grants go.
Surely a more balanced view would have reported that the uncertainty of ‘will we won’t we’ Leave the EU and not initiating our leaving are causing some of the aprehension. The BBC reporting is totally one-sided. Why no mention of the positive possibilities, such as The European Research Area (ERA) which is the structure that facilitates all science programmes and collaboration that are funded by the EU, and yet includes associated non-EU countries such as Norway, Turkey, Iceland, Serbia and Israel, the last of which is not even located within Europe. In other words, science collaboration within the EU’s own ERA does not depend on EU membership, but sadly, several pro-EU commentators continue to promote the mistaken belief that it does.
The BBC are fueling the belief that the democratic vote to leave the EU is not binding. It is perpetuating the myth that the UK will fall apart outside the EU. It appears they are now manufacturing their own ‘news’ to justify their continued existence in the current form. I am one of many who do not believe we should fund a biased organisation. Impartiality, fairness, honesty and balanced information is what I thought the BBC was supposed to deliver. It does not.

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