News at Six

Europe Editor Katya Adler’s admirably balanced programme ‘After Brexit: The Battle for Europe’ broadcast on 9 February 2017 on BBC 2 was as close as the BBC gets to being even remotely impartial and even handed. In sharp contrast, privately educated Scottish Chief Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg’s ‘Brexit Britain’s Biggest Deal’ aired on BBC2 just one month later on 9 March 2017 was an absolute disgrace. In particular the cheap and childish shots of her waving a large cheque at passers by were frankly an insult to intelligent viewers.

Four days later on 13 March 2017 the loathsome Nicola Sturgeon, obsessed to the point of lunacy with Scottish grievances, made an egregious speech calling for a second Scottish referendum, coinciding with the day on which the Article 50 Bill cleared Parliament; some might well think that such an act of gross opportunism was tantamount to treason.

That same evening on BBC 1 News at Six, Sturgeon’s call for a second referendum (in the manner of Blair, Farron, Major, Heseltine and others clamouring for a rerun of the EU result on the grounds that voters were far too thick to understand what they voted for) was the main story and predictably LK was trotted out in Downing Street to give her reaction.

In default sneering mode (voice and facial expressions) Kuenssberg banged on at length about the possibility of a forthcoming titanic struggle faced by Prime Minister May on two fronts, Scottish independence and leaving the EU, which she opined could give Mrs. May a serious headache. This was pure speculation and a personal viewpoint, seemingly predicated on LK knowing the unknowable and having a unique insight into the Prime Minister’s psyche. This is not news, but it has become a common feature of virtually all the BBCs so-called factual news output, which more often than not focuses on the opinions or speculations of carefully selected pundits, or editors, or correspondents, whose invariably biased views echo those of a Corporation stuffed with bien-pensant metropolitans.

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