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During the BBC half hour news slot there were three anti Brexit reports, from British scientific research affected to the adverse and then more racist abuse-attacks since brexit, after the BBC went to Hartlepool to Report on public opinions and ended up with a lady saying they were supposed to improve our Hospital with the funds saved after withdrawing from the EU this is after four weeks from the referendum vote unbelievable the BBC should be sold off.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    The BBC is a national disgrace! For many years it has undermined British democracy and preached a Marxist pack of lies. In addition, it is racist venting its spleen on the original inhabitants of this country. It promotes its own agenda and lies most of the time despite the people it vilifies being those who pay the tax imposed to allow this fifth column organisation to exist. It is time to change all this. Is there any way action can be taken to change this situation? Would a petition to ask that the issue be debated in the Commons? Failing that, would a concerted programme of civil disobedience work? Perhaps a national refusal to pay the licence fee and a refusal to pay any fines? Anyone else got any suggestions?

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