News at 10

The article about the impact of Brexit on dairy farming last night allowed some farmers to give the impression that trade with China would be much easier after Brexit – that the Chinese say it is much easier to deal with one country than twenty seven. Farmers were seen ‘benefiting’ from this new freedom. There was no corrective to this impression – the obvious points being that nothing prevents one country (e.g. the UK) or even one company from trading with China. The complications are in negotiating the underlying treaties with all countries. And, on the evidence, this dairy farmers/ cooperatives/ companies now setting up new trade with China are doing so within the EU – we haven’t left yet. It is important for the BBC not to fall into the trap of uncritical acceptance of Brexit. Half the voters were against it, and those that were for it have not yet been able to say what on earth it means, beyond looking roughly like ‘remain’!

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