Every day we see negative news against Brexit, across the bottom of the screen all day LSE/ Boersch deal scrapped by EU, even though it was already rejected by LSE two weeks ago. Balance of payments has gone down best since 2013, surplus trade with the rest of the world increasing over 7bn Surplus, Unemployment falling, immigration figures falling, pound gaining and stock market at its best for years, inward investment to UK higher than ever, tourism at its highest, BBC and Blomberg are both bias and its a disgrace, talking down Britain when its never been better, its time institutions backed Britain and its achievements it so sad to see Brits putting down the country, on what no banks have left yet, no jobs have left for anywhere, sorry i seen a handbag maker move back to Italy 20 Jobs, but big news for BBC. Get over the shock and start promoting your country and acknowledge that your so called experts were wrong, also we do need immigration but one thing no one has mentioned, for every one worker there are 5 that dont work. this is the main issue

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