Interview with Nigel Farage re. how the ‘In’ Campaign are using the sad death of Jo Cox to make out that the people in favor of Brexit are stirring up hate in the country and are xenophobic.
I don’t agree with Nigel Farage in all things but I do agree that the BBC have been pushing this idea along with the ‘Inners’ ever since the horrific murder of Mrs Cox. I thought the interviewer was abnormally aggressive and unwilling to acknowledge anything Mr Farage had to say.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    I am not in the least surprised! The Remain campaign has progressively sunk to the lowest of the low! They are the world’s worst and most prolific liars. According to reports, the killer of Mrs Cox had a long history of mental illness. Presumably, his medical condition started well before the Brexit campaign ever commenced. If so, it is difficult to see how even the obnoxious BBC can argue the murder’s actions were anything to do with Mr Farage or the Leave campaign.
    When the result is in, whatever the result, the BBC must be brought under control. If it is possible by legal action to remove control of the BBC from its present management and to terminate the contracts of employment of many of the BBC mouthpieces such as Marr and Neill to mention the worst. If that is not possible, then to start a mass movement to refuse to pay the TAX to the BBC. If enough people take this position that they shall never watch BBC again, therefore why should they pay the tax? As the Americans said as the War of Independence started, “No taxation without representation!

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