National News

There was no coverage of the Stop Brexit march in Manchester, which I attended, except on local BBC North West news. Both ITV and Channel 4 covered it. This follows similar non-coverage of anti-Brexit events elsewhere and the pro-Brexit bias of BBC1’s Question Time on Thursdays. This programme has now become populism’s shouting shop and I just switch off. Giving equal weight to the truth and a lie is not balance but undermines any value in reporting. Failing to question an assertion that has no basis or at least to challenge a minister to produce some evidence of what they are saying is an abdication of responsibility by the national news service for which we all pay. I used to value the BBC but now I really resent paying the licence fee, BBC management needs to stop bowing to pressure from right-wing groups and do their job, “to educate, entertain and inform. ” Bias against Brexit? You must be joking.

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