BBC Online

This webpage about Sweden saying it would deport 80,000 of its recent arrivals was on the site early in the morning. It was very popular, and featured mid-list in the Most Popular sidebar the BBC runs.

About 10am the story was opened to comments. The comments were mostly negative with respect to migration. About 11am the story suddenly vanished from the home page. Usually stories slowly move down the list until they drop off the bottom. This didn’t, it vanished. I looked in the Europe section, it wasn’t there either. The only way I could find it was by clicking More at the top of the website, then Have Your Say, then scrolling down. The story had been buried. It survived a few more minutes in the most-popular sidebar, but then, with no direct link to it from any of the main pages, fell out.

I was shocked to see the BBC behave this way, and I filed a formal complaint with the BBC through their system. I agree with you though that filing complaints about the BBC with the BBC is not a reasonable process.

One additional point : the top rated comment there, “Hey liberals! Thanks for ruining Europe” was deleted by the moderators at about the time of the burying. Looking now (8 March) it has been reinstated.

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