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The Brexit court case is now being reported, exhaustively given air time and explained solely in terms of ‘process’ and ignores the obvious facts that the case has been brought by pro EU campaigners who are hell bent on stopping Britain exiting the EU. The BBC repeats the pro EU campaign message with no regard for the fact that the case is actually being brought by remain voters solely to overturn the referendum result. The pro EU campaigners are often filmed saying that their case is not about stopping Brexit only about the ‘process’. This is a blatant lie and everyone knows it. Yes, this is a blatant lie and everyone knows it. It is widely understood that he campaign group was formed and funded solely with the purpose of derailing Brexit. That the BBC repeats the pro EU campaigners slogans and lies without any mention of the fact that the case is widely understood by the public as a whole (and leave voters in particular) as a cunning, manipulative and dishonest manoeuvre to overturn the Referendum result which 17 million people voted for makes the BBC appear to be wholly in collusion with the pro EU campaigners. (What a surprise !) Although it obviously pleases (understatement) the considerable number of remain voters, it should be important that the context of this case is truthfully reported by the BBC and that is simply not happening. The Bias of the BBC has never been more obvious. It is irresponsible to report in such a manner. The BBC is misrepresenting the truth and leading people to believe the pro EU campaigners message as if it is pure when it is actually a clever use of legal technicality to try to achieve political aims. It totally diminishes the BBC in the eyes of the real world as it shows it to be a totally biased operation with a complete lack of integrity. The BBC likes to make a lot of its so-called independence which is more and more becoming a joke because of this obvious bias. We the British people deserve a lot better than this from our publicly funded broadcast service. We should not have to pay for such a blatantly biased propaganda machine where anything at all 1mm right of centre is labelled far-right radical extreme anti establishment and insurgent. 17 million of us are also your viewing public. Our money pays the BBC licence fee also and we deserve to have our views fully represented. The biggest story here is the fact that a handful of pro EU people have got together to try to overturn the Referendum result. Why are you not reporting the story in that context? That is the only reason this case has been brought to court. Why does your web page have any information to that effect. There is no court case brought by Leave voters to ensure that this very important ‘process’ is properly carried out? I wonder why that is?! How stupid do you think the viewing public at large really are? BBC you have outdone yourself this time with totally one sided reporting of this very important case. The case is seen as a treacherous betrayal by the majority of British people. Shame on the BBC for joining in.

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