Mock the Week

This programme is meant to a satirical look at the week’s events. Instead it was one long anti-Brexit, pro-EU rant by everyone on the panel. There was no attempt at balance or to point out the totally childish attitude of Remain voters demanding a second referendum. I had to turn it off to stop my anger taking control of my life, the way their anger had consumed the panel!

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  1. Steven Walker

    From the USA I definitely feel it was foolish for the UK to leave the EU. I used to look to the UK as a promising culture, but no more. No reason for detail cause what the hell is the point now, it’s done.

  2. Cody Tóth

    It’s absolutely shameful to see how absolutely one sided the commentary on political things is on MTW. This is supposed to be a show available to the whole damn country, and everyone is paying for it with their broadcast fees, and yet the panel regularly discounts large swaths of the population based on nothing more than that they personally disagree with them. This wasn’t really awful until their show on Brexit, where in an unfathomable display of self centered smug arrogance they essentially discounted half of the nation as people who will “all soon be dead anyway”, can’t use the internet, and made an objectively bad decision. They didn’t mock the news, in fact there were only three jokes about the actual news (two about the currency and one about the resignation) the rest was mocking british people. The MAJORITY of british people. Comedy is only funny if it is for the people and hitting up at the elite, and not down at the masses.

    If i was british, i would not have stopped simply with a complaint at the BBC but would probably have started a petition or something, since the majority of the nation being mocked non stop, without any factual points backing up the mockery, while they are on their payroll – that is not acceptable.

    If the BBC thinks that they can take british people’s money, and then proceed to antagonize the majority of them on purpose, for no deeper standards than that *they disagree with them*, that is in direct violation of Article 3 sentence (2) and Article 4 of the BBC Charter.
    Violating royal charters should not be shrugged off either.

  3. Billy Ruffian

    I just want to thank the BBC for yet another hilarious episode of Mock the Week. Oh how I laughed when Anish Kumar and James Acaster accused over half the nation of being racist for voting to leave the EU while Hugh Dennis and the others continued to bitterly imply that anyone who doesn’t share their London-centric world-view is an ill-educated half wit – so clever – how do they do it?
    Great work BBC – keep it up – who needs balance? Simply ratchet up the volume in your echo chamber and sod the majority of the country who are now simply bored and somewhat bewildered that your star entertainers are still droning on about it. They lost the argument months ago – it’s OK, the world hasn’t stopped turning and they need to just let it go – I promise they’ll be much happier and Mock the Week will be much funnier when they do ☺

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