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  1. MIles

    I am sick of the BBC anti Brexit bias reporting they never question the EU motives but ridicule Teresa May.

  2. Bill Jones

    Laura, your biased reporting over the duration of the election campaign has reflected on the outcome of the vote. It seems that not only tabloids try to influence the vote but you do to. I thought the questions that you posed to Teresa May where very tactical to win votes for Labour. As an entity the BBC news team have been against the Conservative party and has run a campaign to discredit Teresa May.

  3. albert wilks

    She is a disgrace, my parents cannot stand the woman for her personal attacks against Teresa May!!! .. very nasty – the bbc are a disgrace for shoving her on every night- she is too aggressive which is a complete giveaway for her anti conservative stance – it is not bbc news but the laura kussenberg show!!!!!- GET A GRIP BBC!!!- MOVE THE WOMAN ON TO SOMETHING ELSE – journalism…real journalism should be about facts and events- Laura Kussenberg pieces on the BBC are always subjective….anti tory, anti-may bring back nick robinson for a more balanced view- her vindictivness is written all over her face…. nasty woman-

  4. Jessica

    I don’t care so much about that as this woman’s use of her position to speculate about current events, ram her views down our throats and generally run campaigns apparently close to her heart, in this case to convince us all that Theresa May is diminished and lacks authority. She was the one who looked diminished as she touted Conservative M.P.s today in an apparently desperate attempt to get some adverse comment about the Prime Minister. Shame on the B.B.C. For allowing this woman the freedom to behave in this way. This is very far from its brief to keep the public informed without bias and should be stopped. She can’t help her looks but do we have to be subjected to her bitter and spiteful visage? Do the public a favour and give her a desk job.

  5. Margaret rist

    I agree passionately with all the comments above. Laura kuenssberg is totally biased against Theresa May and should be removed from her post in an organisation that is supposed to tell us the news. Not give us their opinions. Tell us the truth and keep your personal opinions to yourself.

  6. Hope Springs

    The woman is constantly aggressive towards brexit and the prime minister. She has no respect for the people of the UK who voted to leave and is constantly trying to find negatives, (even if there are none) when talking to any MP she can harangue into a conversation.
    It is about time that the BBC, which should also look at it’s supposed “impartiality” when reporting” the facts” when none are actually known, e.g. the inferno last week which apparently is the governments fault, despite it being a Labour council!
    Enough is enough BBC, stop the Laura Kuenssberg nightly show and rantings, I mean how demeaning is it to be seen/heard shouting across the road aggressively at the prime minister in a snide manner?

  7. June Fraser-Reid

    Sick and tired of Laura Kuenssberg totally biased comments. Clearly she must stop this bitter attack on the prime minister. She needs to accept that this is a democratic vote by the people to leave the EU and the fact that her friends in the Labour Party did not get enough seats. They had eleven years and left the tax payers with a debt to repay. Shame on the B.B.C.

  8. 1

    She has to go, this is not a news reporter, this is unashamedly bias and opinion that is misrepresentation and not even a debate. Shame on you BBC Laura is unethical. Maybe a post as war correspondent in some far away land is right for her. She needs to be sacked.

  9. Sheila

    Utterly, utterly disgusted with the comments of Laura Kuenssberg on the 6 o clock news tonight about the Conservative conference The only thing she could bring herself to comment on was the prime minister’s delivery of her speech due to a cough, and the fact that there was other disruptions to contend with. Where was the information about what our prime minister said? If Laura and her bosses think that this is respectable political comment worthy of the BBC then I despair! it is only worthy of social media tittle-tat and is disgusting. I used to respect BBC commentating. Not any more.

  10. Henry Harryman

    Totally agree. Her biased anti government / conservative reporting goes from bad to worse coupled with personal attacks on Teresa May. I fear she is merely the mouthpiece for a left wing BCC bias, So much for the valued impartiality of the BBC,

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