Jeremy Vine talking on Ken Bruce show

We switched on to hear Jeremy Vine saying that the country just had no appetite for Brexit and we should just forget about it! He should be impartial but along with the rest of the BBC he is clearly just using his programme to spout his pro remain views and will not accept the democratic decision of the British people. The BBC are intent on whipping up hysteria to try to stop Brexit. There is no such thing as a hard or soft Brexit as the negotiations haven’t even started yet – again this is a tool used by the media to try a frighten people. The BBC is so intent on halting Brexit it is obsessed with Tory bashing at every opportunity to achieve it. I’ve always been a Vine fan but not any more. Needless to say we switched off!

2 Comments on “Jeremy Vine talking on Ken Bruce show”

  1. Micheal Grubber

    I am in total agreement with this comment and many others on this site. I cannot believe how biased the BBC have become, it’s like living in some twisted Orwellian society where the voice of the ordinary people is completely drowned by the screeching social media harpies! How I fear for the sickly coloured “rainbow” future awaiting us all. We most stop sitting idly watching this car crash happen, time to act folks!

  2. Christine Keating

    I agree and I am appalled at the blatant biased reporting from the BBC on the whole Brexit issue and the subject if the recent report on the huge population increase being played down while again promoting unregulated immigration, this is a democratic country that voted to leave the EU and instead of being more patriotic and loyal to the welfare and security of the UK in these worrying times the BBC is not being impartial or fair in its reporting.

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