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Jeremy Vine discusses whether the Queen would want the UK to stay in/out of the EU. In the light of the sun’s newspaper front cover, “Queen backs Brexit” Jeremy Vine speaks to Richard Fitzwilliams who biasedly quoted on whether the queen would wish to say or leave the EU, quote “if you seized my hand and forced it, it would go down to stay in” … The conversation was full of bias with Vine gloating Fitzwilliams into agreeing that the queen would choose to stay in the EU on three or more occasions.. Further, they talked about secret codes? saying that these may mean that they are codes to stay in. I have included a link to the radio programme the interview with Vine and Fitzwilliams starts at 1 hr 39mins 9 seconds

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  1. Clifton

    I would like to complain about Jeremy Vines interview with representives from 27 countries they all want to stay !
    Will he be interviewing 27 pro brexit reps ?

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