Jeremy vine

Disgusted at how biased and left wing the BBC is in regards to Brexit. Jeremy Vine’s show has taken it to a new low today. I know the BBC doesn’t want Brexit to happen but it is required by law to be impartial. They want Theresa May to fail only ever reporting negative news on all programs and I believe by doing this they think it is more likely to secure a soft Brexit. A term made up after the referendum.

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  1. Peter North

    Couldn’t agree more, in particular Jeremy Vine; he finds it impossible to stop his political bias seeping through. He really should be replaced on the prime time Radio 2 show. Please bring in someone capable of open neutrality

  2. janenobleknight

    I totally agree with this comment. I wasn’t actually able to listen to the programme live (It seems I didn’t need to) but I heard Jeremy Vine’s piece about the content in the half hour before it started. It seemed that even Ken Bruce for once was speechless which led Jeremy Vine to say he had no opinion. Yeah right! I am sick to death of the BBC’s unbalanced stance at the moment.

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