Jeremy Vine

Fund Managers view of Brexit. JV introduced his programme on Ken Bruce’s show at about 11.30am. JV described a major Fund manager as having a very negative view of Brexit consequences. Not only was this misleading, JV made no attempt to give equal prominence to the many star Fund Managers who view Brexit as positive. Indeed, Mr Buxton appeared on a recent Fund Manager webinar, chaired by JV colleague Mishal Hussain, where he confirmed the very short term context of his views, and acknowledged the potential longer term positives.
This episode exposes the current sulky BBC approach of grossly exaggerating a potential negative impact of Brexit, whilst ignoring the positives, or at least failing to give anything like equal prominence to them.
The BBC’s true pro-EU colours have been nailed to all of their masts since 23 June. Perhaps the biggest display of bias in their history.

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  1. jim jefferis

    I totally agree that the JV show is very often biased against brexit. everytime there is a discussion on the subject, far more time is given to the negative aspects of brexit, if a person on air supports brexit, he or she is cut off with a very curt response instead of being allowed to give their point of view. this a now happenng on a daily basis.

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