Inside Out

BBC have again been trying to blame Brexit for any violent crime involving EU migrants. Unfortunately these incidents have been happening ever since the open door policy began and changes were being noticed in people’s communities. When a huge influx of foreign people come into a country there will obviously be some people who notice these changes and will feel threatened/angry, these feelings can lead to aggression especially when alcohol is involved. This would have been happening regardless of Brexit and in fact would have become much worse as time went on if the open door policy continued. I am not excusing any form of violence but this unfortunately is human nature. What the BBC never seems to focus on is the way the British public have been lied to for the past 40 odd years about the whole purpose of the EU and only now is the truth being realised (by some) about how we were about to be swallowed up into an anti democratic dictatorship and lose our sovereignty although if you only watched and believed the BBC you would still be very ignorant of these facts.

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  1. Hilly

    I work in social research and have spoken to quite a few people who moved here from Eastern Europe, There is not total satisfaction with the EU in these countries either and there is an understanding that the UK can’t just keep increasing its population indefinitely. Indeed some people from Poland feel that immigration should be very controlled now as they have noticed the increasing pressure on health and education services. Apparently there have been public demonstrations about the EU in Slovakia but do we ever here about this? Fairness and a real exploration of the EU referendum is what is required, but it appears increasingly unlikely that the BBC will deliver this. “There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things.” -William Shakespeare, If only our public broadcaster could take up the challenge!

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