In pictures: Brexit walk

I have just seen an article on the BBC News website about a Polish photographer who is going around London taking pictures of people and asking their opinions on Brexit. In the BBC article, 5 of the 8 featured people are anti-Brexit, 2 are on the fence/don’t care, and one is arguably pro-Brexit (it is not made explicitly clear in the article). Such a one-sided piece has no place on the website of an impartial national broadcaster. Link to article:

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  1. Steve Davies

    I just this second submitted this complaint too. I nearly fell off my chair in shock. It is so unashamedly and blatantly biased it’s almost laughable. I just cannot fathom how the BBC can actually read articles like this and allow them to be published. They are supposed to provide a balanced viewpoint so they should have at a 50/50 split between anti and pro-Brexit people. I didn’t even bother complaining direct to the BBC because they would say something like the photographer didn’t come across any pro-Brexit people etc etc.

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