(What a fun site)…. Much of the bias comes from decisions of what NOT to depict as well as what to depict, we should remember! Here are 4 I spotted in the last 10-15 mins!

A headline speaks of “record numbers leaving Germany”, as an attempt to downplay the impact of immigration created by open border EU. However, only on reading the articles does on realise that the number leaving is 1/10th of those who arrived seeking asylum the previous year.
In their news in pictures, there was no mention of victory for the Brexit campaign; only pictures of the campaigning, one showing an earnest looking Cameron and Ashdown versus a comic Johnson underneath. There was no pictures of adverse impacts of immigration, which are important in many people’s lives and a key reason for the Brexit vote (e.g. no go areas; illegal immigrants; overcrowded hospitals; bomb scares etc).
Action = motivation minus friction: Another negative story on Brexit, reducing resolve to undergo the process by talking of the extra cost to leave the EU. While there are quotes on the impact of the additional costs from leaving the EU, there are no mentions made of the additional costs racked up on waste in the duration where we can’t leave – including the ongoing downward pressures on wages – which, if included, would add impetus to accelerate the leaving process.
Same as above – £58bn….

By the way, it should be noted that if we scrapped HS2 (a strong EU-centric project that fits with their wider mobility agenda), favoured only by about 20%-25%, we would just about that amount back in the coffers !! But where is the BBC linking the dots on that one?! Not heard a peep!

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