Have I Got News For You

The item to be discussed was the EU question, exit or not? I knew as this was the BBC that the only comments would be to deride, UKIP and those in the country genuinely wanting to exit Europe. The BBC were true to form, and at no time felt it necessary to balance the humour by presenting both opinions, which might have been more acceptable.
It was obvious that as the government pay the BBC wages you would be biased against any other opinion. You do not speak for the country and are so out of touch with the feelings of the people. You seem to think that bullying works! Think again you will not change my vote to exit Europe as soon as possible to allow self government and financial growth to return to the Uk. I watch the BBC less and less as you do not speak fairly on many subjects.

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  1. M Fahey

    Like you, Rosie, i knew as soon as HIGNFY started that we would be inundated with anti UKIP, pro EU bias – 2 episodes so far and both have had a dig at UKIP and Brexit. Why, even the last episode had as a guest the BBC’s own Clive Myrie who, as a BBC London Affairs Correspondent and broadcaster, i don’t believe should be on a panel show offering his opinion either way on this matter. But it’s the BBC – they are a law unto themselves. Remits don’t matter to them, license payers views don’t matter to them (and i know this after sending many complaints to them only to receive generic templated answers in reply).
    I hate complaining but the BBC are not giving viewers any choice. If viewers complained about every bit of BBC bias, this website would crash in a few hours. There is little pressure on the BBC to stand by its remit meaning the BBC believes it is free to continue in this vain.
    It is a sad indictment of our society that a company is not accountable to its customers – the BBC would be all over a story where a company ignored the wishes of its shareholders, of its customers yet it does not follow its own remit and it ignores us continuously. This cannot go on.

  2. Louise Riley

    Have I Got News For you…..you’ve made a huge mistake treating the British public like idiots. We too watch BBC less and less these days. You would think, bearing in mind that we voted to leave the EU that the BBC would now back our government and hope that we get the best possible deal. After many years of happy viewing, we will not be watching no longer.

  3. Dr. J.M. Allan

    More and more often recently I have watched HIGNFY only to feel uncomfortable with the amount of bias and bullying – usually aimed at the EU reforendum and UKIP supporters. UKIP supporters are invariably portrayed as “racist”. I am sure that the “racist” label has been a factor in the EU reforendum result where voters felt they were only able to express their concerns regarding uncontrolled immigration in the privacy of the ballot box. Having concerns about housing, schools, health services and prison overcrowding is not “racist”. Each week HIGNFY seems to invite a “target panelist” on to the programme to ensure that certain subects can be raised under the guise of “discussing” the subject with the person who is being ridiculed and bullied in what is supposedly a humorous way. The programme I once enjoyed has now become a bias, bullying and vicious exercise.

    Dr. J.M. Allan

  4. Spike & Sal

    We used to love watching hignfy but it’s gone totaly TiTs up now…..calling it a one sided show is a huge understatement!, I’m fedup with the BBC stealing money from my bank account every 3 months as we no longer watch or listen to anything BBC anymore.
    BBC is a HUGE waste of money and should be broken up, sold off and the proceeds given to charities.

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