have i got news for you

the luvvie presenting the show and ian hislop and another ex public schoolboy made a series of derogatory comments on brexit without any redress from anyone else on the panel except for Suzanne evans who was continuously attacked by all three. I know this a satire show but it is a very one sided show. We all have heard by now what Hislop thinks of brexit and I am getting a bit fed up with a bunch of overpaid and privileged ‘celebrities’ sneering comments that fly in the face of a democratically taken decision by a majority of the british public and license payers

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  1. Michael Stringer

    Yes, the BBC is so biased it is tantamount to a witch trial on television! So called “celebs” are overpaid, useless idiots who believe they are gods! The answer is very simple: turn them all into ex-celebs and make them work for an average wage. An alternative would be to subject them to the same punishment imposed on witches in Salem or better still make use of them as a source of generating heat!
    I believe the terms governing the BBC have been tightened recently. A good time to collect the evidence to show the bias and force the law to take punitive action against these overpaid slugs that despise the great British public. PS I have used the word “that” because they are not worthy of being called human beings.

  2. G.E. Sherwood

    Out of curiosity, I’ve just looked at Hislop’s Wlikipedia page and this jumped out at me: “He has also been highly critical of the leadership of the European Union, calling for a referendum on UK membership in a 2003 recording of Have I Got News for You.”
    What a stinking hypocrite.

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