Have I got news for you

Once again a BBC programme begins by ramming home its intent to ruin this country with a ” little joke” more like jibe, at the expence of the British tradesman, showing a clip of a man in a hole using a cutting disk to cut a line in some concrete, in which a hole opens up swallowing him into it, then the presenter Alexander Armstrong says, this is the state of construction, now all the poles have left due to brexit. I find this well-worn BBC war on this nation’s pride dignity and confidence both boring immature and one trick ponyish (like, come on change the record) on one hand yet highly irresponsible on the other, the imperial ambitions of the BBC to cram down the throats of not only the people of this country but of as many countrys of the world through its BBC worldwide arm, means many people overseas absorb BBC meanness and bile also. If so what does this do for the reputation of this country abroad, and if Britain and its people have so little to offer the world, why would they want to watch BBC programmes, being from”this dismal isle with its dismal people who have nothing to offer the world, but chips and ignorance”. Also with many new peoples coming to Critain, as is backed by BBC policy, as they grow up in a country that tells them such lies aboutthe British character the knowing no other will assume this is the case and will aspire to fit in with this supposed great Brittish tradition and the future will be one of squandering talent in a society of downward aspiration. And so both by manipulating confidence in our democratic decision to leave the EU. and in running down the spirit of confidence and international reputation of the British people, in the long-running slur making out British people are lazy feckless and incompetent. As someone who grew up with builders in the family I know, this is a highly skilled profession, which takes years of learning to master, and is a very much required part of our national economy, and significant part of our international import economy as many materials come from overseas, much from the EU: bricks from Holland , wood and boarding from Scandinavia, stone from Italy concrete from Germany etc, which having sold off our export industries as part of the deal to join the EU, has become an over importance, which is why the government encourages the demolition of so much good housing stock every year to replace with new builds, in order to claim we are in a booming economy. And to facilitate the myth we need all the immigration, because British people are too fat and lazy to get off their behinds to build all this ” much needed housing stock and shopping centre’s “.

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