Have I got News For You

Gary Lineker said
“meanwhile Britain’s Ambassador to the EU Sir Ivan Rogers has announced that a Brit Exit deal could take 10 years …….that’s not fair most of the people that voted for it would be dead by then”
I find that most offensive suggesting that the majority of people that voted for Bexit were old !

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  1. Michael Stringer

    You are correct about Lineker. I used to enjoy his performance on Match of the Day, but now I do not watch that programme. The man is a pseudo intellectual who proclaims he is better than the millions who voted to leave. Yes, I know he “studied” at Kings College, London but then, so did my daughter and my degree is also from London. I do know that the BBC is nothing more than a flag waving Marxist propaganda mouthpiece. We, the people, have spoken in a democratic process which is the opposite of the behaviour of the BBC. I suggest that the BBC and the government take note and take remedial action immediately!

  2. Simon Coleman

    Get over it…and get a sense of humour. Actually, have any of the Brexit people got a sense of humour? Duncan-Smith, Redwood, Leadsom, Stewart, Fox…I don’t see any. And Johnson…he is the ultimate Brexit joke. Brexit was such a fraud that the BBC feels it should challenge it. Yes, you are absolutely right – it is biased against Brexit. And for once, it is doing a useful public service.

  3. GES

    Simon Coleman,

    If you think Lineker’s comment was actually funny, then you are the one who needs a sense of humour. People who voted for Brexit are getting sick to the back teeth of behind told that they are stupid, old, racist, etc and I certainly take offence when some smug, smart-alec ‘celebrity’ or so-called ‘comedian’ starts abusing me. And by the way, the UK voted to leave the EU and so it’s really you and all the other cry babies who should “get over it”.

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