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I don’t usually complain about comedy, even what now passes for BBC (heavily) left leaning comedy. I believe that comedy should be exempt from political correctness and accusations of offence and that anyone is fair game for having the proverbial taken out of them. I’m an equal opportunity p’ taker, I can laugh at jokes about all and sundry and just as happy to laugh at myself, my gender, my political affiliations etc. This is the cornerstone of British comedy, poking fun at one another. Of course this doesn’t accord with BBC values who in their infinite wisdom and warped notions of equality permit only left wing comedians (and in most instances I use that term loosely) and left wing audiences to appear on their shows. Of course any BBC attempt at comedy is merely another means to foist their own opinions upon people, the butt of the jokes are invariably right wingers/Tories/UKIP and anything of which they disapprove. Topping the list of this latter category is not surprisingly Brexit and now the election of Trump in the US.

As I said, prior to my little rant, I don’t usually complain about comedy, I’m pretty hard to offend. But I do object to the BBC using every type of broadcast they air to promote their views. And what is more, most of their so called comedy output isn’t even funny, it’s simply a platform upon which to sneer, deride and discriminate against anything or anyone the corporation finds unacceptable.

The double standards is appalling, if you cannot discriminate against one group why is it OK to discriminate against much larger groups, Brexiteers, white working class and now Trump voters in the US? The BBC won’t permit jokes which they deem sexist, which is to say anything which pokes fun at women (Men are of course fair game). Try telling a joke about Muslims (look at how the BBC pilloried Louis Smith), or other minorities on BBC…you can imagine the response. But Rich Hall telling us,(regarding the Trump vote) ‘there’s an awful lot of dumb people around’ was apparently hilarious to the studio audience.. I’ll pause to give you time to finish guffawing… No? I didn’t think it was funny either. Didn’t he just insult 59 million people? Given the large number doesn’t that equate to more bigotry than making some quip about , for instance, the approximate 5% of Muslims living in the UK?

This thinking was echoed throughout the show, Charlie Brooker pronounced with barely disguised venom that, ‘Democracy is s***’, clearly voicing the BBC belief that democracy is only any good if you get the answer you want and that common people should never be trusted with making decisions as they’re too provincial, too uneducated, too old and quite simply WRONG.

Brexit was, naturally held up again as a parallel for the Trump vote, Farage (nothing new there), UKIP roundly abused. Oh, there was one tiny joke at Corbyn’s expense then straight back to the Brexit/Trump bashing. Shameless bias dressed up as humour. I used to like ‘Have I Got News for You’, it used to be (reasonably) capable of extracting the urine out of all political parties and personalities but since Brexit the agenda is less about raising laughs and more about raising pro remain anger.

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  1. John

    100% agree with the comments above. The sad thing is it so painfully obvious to the BBC bias coming through this HIGNFY program.

  2. Graham Price

    Feel exactly the same as previous poster, have watched and enjoyed HIGNFY since it first aired, stopped watching during third episode of the new series. 17 minutes Trump bashing, that was it, turned off and will never watch again.

  3. Stuart

    It’s BBC sanctioned blatent self righteous pompous bullying. Dispicable. The program tonight was awful, not the light hearted humour of 10 years ago. Get rid on these panel show bully boys, they’ve had their day.

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