Graham Norton

On Graham Norton’s opening dialogue with the audience , He said Brexit is going well, and then went on to say when the audience did not respond, “Still gathering momentum, I see “, this is BBC bias, but hat was a disgrace was his comments regarding GiBRALTER, He said “three days in and we are threatening to go to war with Spain”. he said “its our rock and we want it back”, he went on to say “We stole it fairly ” I find these comments in acceptable. Also Mr Norton has said during an interview on Irish television that if the vote were taken again a different outcome would happen, and the British people regret the outcome. Mr Norton should not express his personal opinion , using the BBC as his platform, and the BBC should not have allowed that part of the show to be broad cast it is not a live show. it should have been edited out.

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  1. John Foley Nicholson

    Once again BBC shows its bias…having Hillary Clinton on Norton next week is the bottom of the standard. Will he ask her about how she defended her husband when he abused woman. She is part of the left side of American Politics. She should NOT be on this platform.

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