I am 53 years old and always believed the bbc to be impartial as that is what it is always telling us and I had no reason to disbelieve this and as a proud Brit I was happy to tell people so!
But since finding myself politicised through this EU campaign I have been appalled and somewhat scared at what I am seeing of the total bias of the corporation towards the governments position of remaining in the EU. This has come to a head today with the build up of your presenter on feedback with news that there was intense interest about the EU coverage . So I thought at last they are going to look at this situation as it is all over social media about how dreadfully biased towards the remain camp the bbc and for that matter other mainstream TV stations are especially channel 4.
So after some uninteresting comments on other shows on the network a tiny insignificant piece with three contributors and the political editor not answering adequately ( which reminded me of Cameron) and then moving on swiftly to a lengthy bore piece about radio 6!
This as many others has commented to me now confirms my belief that the bbc is in no way unbiased on this subject and I shall be reporting this matter to ofcom as your website is obviously been designed to thwart any sort of complaint!!!!

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  1. D L M Stringer

    To date, I have checked the BBC news online every single day for the past three weeks. On all these days, the BBC has shown a considerable bias towards the Remain Campaign. The bias has increased over that period of time.
    The BBC does not pretend to try to balance their reporting in any way. For example, the recent Andrew Marr interviews with John Major and Boris Johnson is biased beyond any reasonable doubt. The dislike, that was close to outright hatred for Johnson, was palpable. He was not allowed to speak for more than a few seconds without a very rude interruption. Some of these were insulting! In some cases, Johnson was called a liar and referred to as a court Jester and his argument was called “piffle”! In contrast, Major was treated with respect and was allowed to develop his argument. Not once was Marr rude to Major! There were over 20 interruptions for Johnson and 7 for Major! That bias was not corrected!
    The content of much of the information on the site is, at best, mistaken and, at worst, a deliberate attempt to mislead the public into voting for Remain. There is considerable use of scare tactics which effectively threatens the public with dire consequences if we leave the EU. Much of the content is factually inaccurate at best or downright lies at worst. The balance between items for a Remain and Leave is in a ratio of 3 to 1. That is, 3 items “describing” Remain topics and 1 item for Leave. Often dubious claims of speculation are presented as fact for the Remain campaign. The Leave campaign’s issues are reported as opinion almost without exception.
    The charter, and the Law, under which the BBC operates is abundantly clear: they are OBLIGED to remain neutral on topics such as elections, political comment and referenda. The BBC is funded by the public via the licence fee the public are obliged to pay and this tax is being used in an illegal manner to deny the people the information to make a reasoned choice. This is unacceptable in a democratic country.
    In my lifetime I haver never seen anything like the behaviour of BBC presenters. In particular, Andrew Marr and Andrew Neil should be dismissed immediately and the non-contributory element (that paid by the taxpayer) of their pensions should be denied to them.
    I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but the question is, why are the BBC behaving as they are? Has Cameron brought pressure to bear to try to win? If so, and it is difficult to think of an alternative, questions need to be answered about his fitness to continue in office!

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