EU referendum – The Result

I am appalled by the insulting commentary, I am currently listening to, about people who chose to vote to leave, implying that they are uneducated, had not thought the issues through thoroughly and were using the referendum as a way to express dissatisfaction about issues other than the European union. I was absolutely disgusted hearing David Dimbleby’s comments in this vein and feel totally insulted by this extremely biased and frankly rude reporting.

As I type this, he is again saying that educated people vote remain and uneducated people vote leave and I cannot express enough how insulting this is to the electorate. I am fuming listening to this!
How dare he make the assumption that I, amongst many others, am uneducated and too stupid to understand the issues involved in the debate, simply because I chose to make a vote that he and more widely the BBC, believe is wrong.
I was also frankly stunned by his assertion that, since the country had a referendum in 1975, about remaining in the EC, that we had no need for another one. Does he realise exactly how long ago that was and how many of today’s voters were either children or not even born at that point, never mind the fact that the EC as an organisation was far from the same as the current EC. In addition, our country’s relationship with the EC was far removed from the one we currently have with the EU.

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  1. BritishBullCrap

    Shame on bbc, we do we let them get away with this? Do not pay license fee enmass, then they will listen to us..

  2. Michael

    Lynne, I completely agree. I’ve sent a complaint to the BBC (which will come back generic, as per usual) regarding the offensive reporting issued not only during the count but since, in its live Brexit reaction. I’m fuming about its assertion that only the young, educated and middle to upper middle class voted remain while the Cletus’s of this world, the working class to poor, uneducated and old voters wanted Brexit – I reminded them that I am 38, a postgraduate and neither racist nor inward looking.
    Even as I type, there are stories coming up on BBC’s live feed on young people disenchanted with the older generation with the BBC fanning the flames of division not only between old and young but also regional – Scotland and London are part of the UK, the UK voted to leave, ergo this democratic vote will stand.
    The BBC, like the rest of us, should be looking forward rather than stoking the fires of the division and animosity that wrought the run up to the vote.

  3. Christopher Blows

    Thank heavens I have found this page. I thought I was going mad thinking that the BBC were making me as a leave voter feel like a naughty schoolboy who now had to pay the consequences. I have been incensed by the undermining biased reporting, and the erosion of the countries self esteem by this corporation. Even to the verbal attack on Borris by the cyclist .
    If we are to grab hold of the horns of Britain and shake off the buerocracy of the last forty years we need to identify those not joining the fight to make this nation great again and bring them to their knees for their treachery .

  4. christian radmore

    I, like you, have heard nothing but bias for the remain vote. I also complained to bbc news with an email to which i haven’t received a reply. Its a shame to call yourself news when you are clearly only interested in saying what only you feel is right. They are listening but not doing anything. You can also tell this by some of the more subtle remain propaganda in some of the reports. i heard an example yesterday where a majority vote leave area is inward thinking and a majority vote remain area is clearly outward looking. bbc has always been a mouthpiece for whichever government is in power i think. Its funny because really its the uneducated who will listen to it more. So that clearly isn’t the leave voters.

    1. smf

      “bbc has always been a mouthpiece for whichever government is in power i think. Its funny because really its the uneducated who will listen to it more. So that clearly isn’t the leave voters.”

      Your accusation against the BBC is unfounded
      They may agree with the government on some issues, but they don’t always agree with the government. Therefore you can’t draw any conclusions from that.

      What I find funny is that a lot of people don’t understand what racism is. It appears they have used similar circular reasoning and 1. racism is bad. 2. I am not bad. 3. therefore I am not a racist. All people are subconsciously racist, as our brains evolved at a time when it was an advantage to kill anyone that didn’t look like you. However we have the ability to make conscious decisions to override that. One of those decisions would be to allow people less fortunate, the ability to come to this country to enjoy the same privilege that we receive just for being fortunate enough to be born here.

      Winning a vote doesn’t mean that your view is right, just that you hold the same view as the majority. There are a lot of things that the majority believe that are provably false. It is impossible to educate everybody about everything.

      If you boil down every single leave argument it comes to either money or racism. The money argument isn’t particularly strong as the majority of people will have less money now. You may still have the same number of pounds as you did two weeks ago, but they have dropped in value by 10%. The effect of this isn’t obvious yet, major importers (like supermarkets) buy their currency ahead of time so they can plan for changes. If sterling doesn’t recover in the next couple of months then expect the supermarkets to either cut jobs or put up prices. This isn’t “project fear”, this is economic reality. Some rich people (Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson etc) think they will be able to overcome that 10% loss in other ways, or have so much money that they simply don’t care. So that just leaves racism. If you want to be racist then go ahead, it appears you may be in the majority, so just be honest about it. I’d respect that a lot more.

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