EU Referendum Result

I have found much of the coverage of the EU referendum result to be biased towards the Remain argument. Topics such as discriminatory immigration policy that imposes a great many barriers for non-EU applicants, the preferential employment law which favours EU job seekers and fines employers who hire non-EU candidates were never discussed or aired. Proper and thoughtful analysis of the referendum result has been buried under assumptions and stereotyping of the worst possible kind; for example, the persistence of the view that the majority of young people voted Remain and were highly mobilised drowned out the truth of low turnout by this group; and the view was promulgated that the Leave vote triumphed because of older voters and white working classes with prejudiced, borderline racist views on immigration served to obscure the facts that Birmingham (multicultural city) voted Leave, that London had a 40 percent return for Leave, that Houndslow only barely went to Remain, that Wales (with incredibly low levels of immigration) voted Leave (the real issue here being the destruction of the industrial base under the EU); all this analysis (and more) was either missed through negligence or worse through deliberate omission or misrepresentation. Dissenting views of the status quo, of the accepted view, do not see the light of day. It is clear that the BBC, along with many of the ‘great and good’ responsible for news broadcasting and publishing, that derive their number from the ranks of the ‘chattering classes’ or ‘Guardianistas’, have not learned a jot from the referendum result.

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