EU exit backed by 250 business leaders

I turned on the computer this morning and was shocked – in a good way – at the main headline on BBC Online;
EU exit backed by 250 business leaders. That can’t be right, i thought; these are the kind of stories that get moved to minuscule columns on a superfluous part of the site. I rubbed my eyes and looked again – there could be no mistake, there it was in bold, headlining the website. So, like i said, a good shock – until i read the article and realised how much the BBC has done to discredit the Out campaigners.
The article points out, as quickly as the 5th line into the story, that ‘Britain Stronger in Europe said Vote Leave could not find a business to officially back it, as those listed supported it in a “personal capacity”‘, before Joe Lynam, BBC’s Business correspondent offers us some of the strangest analysis i may have seen on a BBC news story.
He points out that many on the list of 250 business leaders backing Brexit are ‘colourful names’ before stating that ‘there are no current FTSE 100 chief executives or chairmen and only 13 out of the 250 signatories are women.’ What the hell has that (13 from 250) got to do with anything? The BBC’s equality and diversity drive is an entirely different campaign so why mention it in this story?
I’ve read plenty of stories on BBC Online where they state analysis of business leaders voting to remain. The stories are always positive and there is absolutely no text or quotes to discredit them .
I watch and read the BBC in the hope that one day, they will follow their remit to impartiality. When i saw this headline, i was pleasantly pleased and hoped for a good article with many leaders stating their intentions and reasons for voting to leave. What i read was more BBC bias discrediting the leave campaign and a few lines from both the In and Out campaign making their cases.
I’m fairly sure the Brexiteers aren’t given this much space on a remain article.
I hope and pray every day that the BBC will adhere to the many complaints it receives on its bias and accord the license payers the respect they deserve by following its remit and reporting the news impartially. I guess this is what they call ‘the American dream.’ We might wish it but it’s never going to happen.

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