Emma Barnett, Radio-5-Live

Emma Barnett’s implied criticism of the ‘far-right’- policies of the presidential candidate in the forthcoming Austrian election, Norbert Hofer – and directly to his face, too – was a disgrace to broadcast journalism. The ‘far-right’ label was used by Emma Barnett because Hofer supported a referendum on continued membership of the EU, and because he said that Muslim immigration into Austria ought to be curtailed. She expressed similar criticisms – real in your face criticisms – to another Austrian MP who supported Hofer’s policies. Each and every question to both Austrians was loaded up front, with references made to Hitler’s birthplace, and that ‘anti-Muslim’ discrimination was as bad as anti-Semitism. There was no attempt to ask neutral, unbiased questions, or even to disguise them in some way : she was appallingly unprofessional.

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  1. Francis Walton

    I agree. BBC’s presenters (TV and Radio) are getting less and less impartial. Well done government, mission accomplished.

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