Emma Barnett, Radio-5-Live

Emma Barnett’s implied criticism of the ‘far-right’- policies of the presidential candidate in the forthcoming Austrian election, Norbert Hofer – and directly to his face, too – was a disgrace to broadcast journalism. The ‘far-right’ label was used by Emma Barnett because Hofer supported a referendum on continued membership of the EU, and because he said that Muslim immigration into Austria ought to be curtailed. She expressed similar criticisms – real in your face criticisms – to another Austrian MP who supported Hofer’s policies. Each and every question to both Austrians was loaded up front, with references made to Hitler’s birthplace, and that ‘anti-Muslim’ discrimination was as bad as anti-Semitism. There was no attempt to ask neutral, unbiased questions, or even to disguise them in some way : she was appallingly unprofessional.

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  1. Francis Walton

    I agree. BBC’s presenters (TV and Radio) are getting less and less impartial. Well done government, mission accomplished.

  2. Muhammad Imran

    Not only on this subject but other issues, Emma Barnett is so biased, Needs to take a lesson or two from Adrian Childs


    It was disgusting Emma Barnett interview of Nick Clegg if he was a conservative she would of questioned him like
    she usually does Conservatives. How come Emma Barnett let Nick Clegg say that we older voters in the EU Referendem have
    negatively affected young peoples future. Which is not true. When My future was very badly affected by older voters than me, who voted in the 1970’s to drag me who was young slyly into the awful EU , deceitfully pretending first it was a common market. Emma
    did not question him on this. The whole radio and media has a Remoaner, Climate change, trump bashing, Loony Left agenda!

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