Dateline London

BBC News 24 – Presenter Gavin Esler
Guests: Stephanie Bolzen -Die Welt (pro-remain), Polly Toynbee – The Guardian (pro-remain), Marc Roche – Le Point & Le Soir (pro-remain), Iain Martin – Editor CapX (pro-leave).
All pro-remain guests including presenter ganged-up on the 1 pro-leave guest stating that the EU alone (no NATO or UN) has preserved peace, that race crime is on increase since brexit (suggesting links), that leave campaign was based on lies, that leave voters ae solely concerned with immigration, that leave have no plan (why would they at this early stage when they were no allowed to use civil servants to assist them?) – again shameful pro-euro bias from the BBC, when is something going to be done about this?

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  1. Tuttle Eugene

    Programme producers should seek greater balance in selecting journalists when a major topic will predictably dominate discussion.

    The one reporter sympathetic to the Brexit decision hardly had a chance to challenge assertions and opinions of the other side. I would have loved someone to ask Le Monde’s Marc Roche, for example: if sudden fear for his safety as a foreigner in the UK was based on the past week’s personal experience; if he had noticed or cared about some of the obvious fear mongering on the part of “remain” advocates; if he had ever so stridently denounced as “liars” the architects of the Euro currency as he did the Brexit architects (the former having cavalierly ignored Greece’s cooked books before and after becoming part of the Euro and tolerance of budget deficits – such as Germany’s – that immediately flaunted limits agreed upon as a condition for establishing the Euro.)

    The one-sidedness of the discussion provided yet another bit of evidence that the media and political establishment comprise a community of the ideological faithful who tolerate dissent only in so far as it’s necessary to keep up appearances of open-mindedness.

  2. DrKevin McCay

    Saturday’s episode 10/07/17 was shambles. Brian O’Connell the lady from the Telegraph shouted down the labour journalist. May I suggest if you want to talk about NI you should get Alison Morris of the Irish News At least someone impartial and knows whats going on.O’Connell sounded like a spokesman for the DUP. people in GB are ignorant of NI and most had to Google DUP within the last few days to find out about them.

  3. JR Simms

    Dateline London.
    Saturday 7th Oct 2017

    Yet again, Marc Roche – Le Point & Le Soir (pro-remain) – proves to be a totally self-centred, arrogant and opinionated guest whose contribution often totally disrupts the flow of the show. He displays little respect for fellow guests, the presenter and even less so for the viewers of the programme.
    Have debate – yes, but dogged disruption – no!
    It’s time the BBC politely told Mr Roche – permanently – “goodbye. “

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