The unashamed bias against Brexit by supposedly “common sense” everyday people.The trailer is trying to brainwash people in to thinking that if they supported Brexit they do not have any common sense, In that case the majority of this country don’t have any common sense. Actually the BBC do not have any right to be so biased. More relevant is the view that the “remainers” should actually be considered as traitors committing treason by wanting to give up the Sovereignty of our country. For what did so many men and women die for in the last two world war?. Freedom for our country to control its own destiny. The BBC is disgraceful it really is. In the 1970’s I voted to join the Common Market for cheaper food as most other people did, not to join the European Union.


  1. Robert Carter

    I hear today that specially commissioned research by the BBC has revealed that people who voted Brexit are essentially thick, and that educated graduates predominantly voted to remain!

  2. Michael

    @Robert Carter. I read an extension of that report today – ‘Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum.’
    The report was ridiculous – no evidence based facts – it shed no new light on what the BBC reported post referendum and was as unhelpful and divisive as they have always been.
    I find it hilarious that the BBC blame parties like UKIP for division yet I don’t hear UKIP categorising those who voted Remain or Leave as educated, uneducated, men, women, demographs, gay, straight, etc. The BBC categorise so they can tell the very active and vitriolic left who was responsible for our Brexit. If anyone is creating hate and division, it’s the BBC.
    Btw, my partner & I are postgraduates and we voted to leave the EU – we’ve pointed out to the Beeb that there are many like us but they’d rather look to the poor and uneducated. I guess it makes them happier.

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