Brussels Attacks (Live feed)

I was loathe to comment on BBC pro EU bias yesterday out of respect – it would not have been right for me to expose the BBC’s partiality to all things EU on a day when another terrorist atrocity tore into Brussels heart and affected so many innocent people.
I have been incensed, though, by a comment posted on the live feed section of the BBC. ‘Right wing parties…..score points.’ I’d be interested to know how many times the BBC (and other forms of left wing media) have used migrant deaths (in particular, that of the young boy on the beach in Greece) to further their own agenda of promoting the freedom of movement in Europe. Many comments i have read, purporting to be from right wing parties, have been taken out of context by a bias BBC which is keen to further its remain agenda while pillorying the apparent right for comments that have been purposely altered to make them sound worse.
It’s shameful.

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