Britian and Europe The Immigration Question

The whole programme left me with the feeling of being propaganda for the Remain Camp. It was not balanced in its approach . It completely ducked anything to do with Turkey and what has recently been in the news regarding the EU’s intentions. The timing is also indicative of propaganda as it appears that the Leave campaign are winning the immigration argument which Remain now realise is key and there is only just over a week to go before the country votes.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    I have been trying to keep a close look at what the BBC is broadcasting with regard to the referendum. This I have done for almost a full month now and I use the BBC Online. To date, I can state categorically that not a single programme during that time has been even remotely balanced! The nearest is in a ratio of 3 to 1! That is two Remain types and a so-called presenter against one Leave person. I do not need to elaborate further about alleged BBC presenters. Just consider the behaviour of Andrew Marr, Andrew Neil and Laura Kunesberg (not sure how to spell her surname! Apologies if incorrect. All other less well known presenters may not be as strident, but, without exception, they are biased!
    This behaviour is against the terms and conditions by which the BBC is supposed to operate. They are REQUIRED to be neutral. What we have now is Cameron’s propaganda for the UK to remain dressed up as News! That is the behaviour of Marxist China and the lunatic government in North Korea. But then, from my family experience of the BBC they have always had extreme left attitudes.
    When the referendum is over and the Leave campaign has won, I hope that this matter will be addressed. If Leave win, it is impossible for Cameron to remain as PM and I doubt Osborne will be able to continue. It will be good for the UK if two such untruthful people are removed from the political scene. However, the matter should not end there, for other politicians have badly misled the British people. Then there are the excuses for broadcasters! Those mentioned by name above should be fired immediately and should face criminal charges, arguably for treason! I shall leave it to others to determine punishment, but they should NEVER be allowed anywhere on the media of all types in the UK. The BBC should face a complete investigation and action be taken to remove senior figures involved in this propaganda.
    Obviously, if Remain wins, little can be done unless the judges are indeed unbiased! However, regardless of outcome, the BBC will never again be accepted as the fair voice of Great Britain by close on a majority of UK citizens. That raises the issue of the TAX anyone who has a television has to pay for the drones of the BBC. A national action of civil disobedience by refusing to pay for the Tax? They may be able to cope with hundreds of thousands but not several millions!

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