Britain and Europe : For richer or poorer?

Under greater scrutiny, the BBC are finding ever more crafty ways to get their pro-EU bias across. How are they doing it? Even presentation followed by biased analysis. Remain and Leave arguments are first aired in an even fashion. But, then comes the sting in the tail. The BBC presenter then offers a concluding analysis, and that’s when the pro-EU fireworks are lit. Laura Kuennsberg’s programme followed this mantra to the hilt. A broadly even handed initial presentation of Remain and Leave people and businesses. But, as the analysis began, Remain analysts outnumbered those from Leave, more time was given to Remain, no BBC attempt made to scrutinise the past failures of pro-EU forecasters, or their EU connections and funding. Goldman Sachs was quoted without reference to their funding of the Remain campaign, no senior Brexit City people were interviewed (of which there are many) , and far more time was spent analysing the Brexit case with very little time indeed being afforded to analysing the massive risks of Remain. LK concluded by informing us the majority “evidence” was that Brexit would cause economic loss. Not only was this an outrageously partial comment, the term “evidence” was grossly misleading. For, the “evidence” is merely modelled outcomes based on flawed assumptions. LK made no attempt to caveat any of this. Disgraceful pro-EU bias, proving yet again the BBC cannot be trusted.

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  1. Mike Stringer

    Really glad to see that others have come to the same conclusion as myself. The BBC has not, in my lifetime (I’m 72 now) been unbiased. Obviously, as a young child I was incapable of understanding, but then something happened. My father was advised to join the Communist Party because he wanted a job at the BBC and he was told by a friend employed there that was his only hope. Dad did join, was granted an interview, but was not employed. Why? He was grilled about the works of Marx and other Marxist writers, but he knew little about them. Dad said he was far better qualified than the other two applicants and had more experience.
    To move to the present, I have been saying for several years that the BBC was anything but reliable. Over the last few years, the BBC has become, in my opinion, anti British. Even sports stars such as Lewis Hamilton and Andy Murray are not reported fairly. In fact I started to look at overseas broadcasters.
    Their presentation of the referendum campaign is an absolute disgrace and as bad as broadcasts from China, North Korea and Russia! If anyone here doubts the bias, just have a look at the BBC home page online today. There are at least two “remain” articles for one “exit” article and this is the case week after week. I understand the BBC have refused Nigel Farage the opportunity to debate the issue!
    The BBC is funded by a tax levied on the people. If it denies the people access to the truth, then there must be a way to remove it once and for all.

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