Brexit: What’s Next?

Katya Adler and Kamal Ahmed attempted a re-run of the Remain campaign and brexit polemic. No upside potential was suggested for leaving the EU, such as new world trade opportunities and making our own UK laws, which was certainly nothing like the impassioned pitch made by the programme, EU and UK extreme remain commentators. The rhetoric that was so squarely on the side of remaining in the EU missed an opportunity for a balanced view of both sides of the argument. There was an air of scaremongering and stark warnings of no “cake” on UK plates when we leave the EU, but plenty of “salt and vinegar”. However, in the UK only a fortunate few ever had cake and the majority only ever had salt and vinegar, the majority of which stand to lose little or nothing. Therefore, why was 17.4 million leave voters and potential TV license fee payers suffering this tendentious nonsense barely considered in this programme?

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