Brexit: The Biggest Deal

Yet another completely biased BBC program on Brexit. Most of the people interviewed are pro EU. The presenter laura kuenssberg is clearly bias and anti Brexit as much as so – if not more so than newsnights Evan Davis. These well off arrogant people will never be able to comprehend the devastation the EU has had on wage supression and lost jobs on the UK working class. We – the working class – cannot compete -in our own country – with people who earn a 5th of the salary in their own counrty and its a race to the bottom. Whomever is willing to do the job cheapest will get the job. These working class brits who have to compete for jobs with people from other countries where salaries are a 5th of what they are here now out number the more wealthy in society who gain from mass immigration … thats why the Brixit referendum won.

I have to pay a TV license to watch this biased nonesense!!!

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