Brexit: The Battle For Britain

Interesting take by Laura Kuenssberg on both campaigns in the referendum. She talked about the ‘truths’ used in the Stronger In campaign on the economy and the ‘lies’ of Vote Leave. Both campaigns were misleading – this is how political campaigns work and, if the BBC, after all their years of reporting on politics, don’t understand that, they should really stick to celebrity spotting and parp Saturday night programming.
There was a lot of reporting stating that people who voted to leave the EU ‘didn’t know what they were voting for…..were mislead……or ignored the facts.’ There were probably many on the other side who were mislead and hadn’t researched the EU as well as they’d have liked but it would be impertinent, naive and ignorant of me to label 16m people as such. There were voters of all ages, genders, sexuality and race who voted to leave and the BBC should accept that. Then they went to immigration and straight away it was UKIP and older voters talking about the problems of immigration. UKIP and older voters were not the only voters concerned about our heavily rising migration system, there were many people concerned. Yet again, the BBC looking at creating division between the young and the old and indicating that anyone concerned about immigration was (and is) racist.
The BBC should stop creating division and labeling a very large section of society who wanted the change we now have. When Kuenssberg talks of ‘establishment,’ she should remember that the BBC are part of that. They really are going through the 5 stages of grief but unfortunately are still stuck in denial.
I hope this malaise runs its course but the negativity in its reporting since Brexit shows that the Beeb are fully embedded in its EU ideals and wishes.
Last thing, and worst of all in my opinion. The programme looked at the ‘poster’, ‘Breaking Point’ used by Nigel Farage in the campaign, questioning whether he stood by it. After he’d spoken, the screen went black before opening on the story of the death of Jo Cox. I always believed that to use such a sickening and senseless attack for political gain is sick, it’s disgusting, it’s immoral. To tie Farage’s poster in with that story was abhorrent of the BBC and they and Kuenssberg should feel ashamed. They won’t but they should.

(Apologies for the lack of continuity in my comment – I was essentially typing as I watched it).

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  1. Malcolm Richardson

    Thanks you have captured very my own take on the programme’s bias and lack of any attempt to explore the lack of critical discussion about the EU working from the remain side and their ramping up of the scare mongering rhetoric. Once again the BBC ignored the many young people who had the brains to vote leave.

  2. Paul Roe

    just like the referendum, could only make up negative facts about leaving and not find anything positive about staying
    they are determined to talk down the economy over the next 2 years in a hope that we will ask to go back and join the euro. then there will be no leaving ever and we will become the prop that holds up the whole of the broken and bust economies of south europe.

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